• The DRY Quarantini and a Virtual Happy Hour

    The DRY Quarantini and a Virtual Happy Hour

    Thanks to everyone who joined us for our first virtual happy hour on our Instagram last Friday! We’re looking forward to hosting more of these with some of our friends. At an appropriate distance of course.We had requests coming in all week for our own mocktail version of a Quarantini and far be it from us to ignore that request!As we said during the...
  • Museums, Mocktails and More!

    Museums, Mocktails and More!

    The team here at DRY had a lot of plans for our spring. We had plans to travel to trade shows, host sober parties and happy hours around the country, we had plans to celebrate and connect with all of you.We know we aren’t alone. Most of you had plans. But now our focus is to stay at home and do our best to...
  • A Family Friendly St. Patrick’s Day

    A Family Friendly St. Patrick’s Day

    The last week has spurred a lot of changes in our lives. From social distancing, to school closures, to an understandable amount of anxiety, we know how important it is to connect with each other and celebrate the little things to help keep our spirits high.So, we have a few ideas for those of you who find your normal St. Patty’s Day plans have...
  • Leap Day 2020: Celebrating with a Delicious Mocktail

    Leap Day 2020: Celebrating with a Delicious Mocktail

    Here at DRY we love any reason to celebrate. Maybe it’s a birthday, maybe it’s a promotion, or maybe we have an Amazon order waiting on our porch for us when we get home.Don’t lie. You’ve totally celebrated that too!So, when an event only comes around once every four years… you KNOW we’re going to raise our glasses.2020 is a Leap Year. February 29...
  • Making Valentine’s Day Special

    Making Valentine’s Day Special

    For some, the very mention of Valentine’s Day conjures up thoughts of champagne, rose petals, and romantic evenings. For others, it’s just another day or a day they’d rather avoid.But who are we to turn down an opportunity to show our loved ones how much we care?  We’ve got a few tips to help you enjoy this Valentine’s day whether you’re spending the day...
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