Meet Our Founder

When I had four children, I wasn’t going to let a lack of wine or cocktails stop me from having a great beverage, so I created my own! I worked with some of the Pacific Northwest’s leading chefs, to learn how to use unique flavor notes to create sparkling beverages that are simple and unexpectedly palate pleasing.

In 2005, I launched DRY Soda Company and today we are not just a botanical bubbly, we elevate what zero-proof options can be and bring people together to celebrate every moment – big and small. Thank you for letting us be a part of your celebrations. It means everything to us. Cheers!



“It All Began With Bubbly.”

We believe that food and drink bring us together and having quality non-alcoholic options are key to any celebration. DRY creates sophisticated, innovative beverages worthy of every toast, no matter what you like to drink.

Our original DRY Botanical Bubbly line was created as unique singled flavored sparkling non-alcoholic beverages that are meant to be paired, served on their own or used as the foundation for craft zero-proof cocktails.

Made with 4 simple ingredients and a good personality, each unique flavor is designed with a different sweetness and acidity level to pair perfectly with different cuisines for a less-sweet, full flavor drinking experience.

Originally launched in fine dining establishments throughout the Pacific Northwest, DRY Botanical Bubbly found a home on menus at places like the French Laundry and Restaurant Gary Danko, establishing the first movement of zero-proof in the early 2000’s before building distribution in retail to serve more consumers and occasions.

The Book

Through the years, Sharelle and the team have had the good fortune to work with many talented mixologists and chefs and in November 2020, published The Guide to Zero-Proof Cocktails. Highlighting 50 beautifully shot recipes, the book provides guidance on how to build flavors and experiences by harnessing the new art of mixing without alcohol.



Social Drinking for all

DRY is on a mission to elevate social drinking for everyone.

We are passionate about ensuring that everyone is included in the party and creating experiences that bring us closer together. We believe that cutting back on alcohol or cutting it out altogether, doesn’t mean you’re giving up anything, rather you are able to add more rich experiences to each and every celebration, and each and every day.

In 2018, we started partnering with Sans Bar, a leader in the alcohol-free bar space, when founder, Chris Marshall, was looking for support to start up. In 2019, we made a strategic investment in Sans Bar to help elevate and expand access to options across the country. Learn more about founder, Chris Marshall and Sans Bar.

We are proud to work with our many partners in creating communities where alcohol-free options are as elevated, expected, and accessible as the alternatives.

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