Making Valentine’s Day Special

For some, the very mention of Valentine’s Day conjures up thoughts of champagne, rose petals, and romantic evenings. For others, it’s just another day or a day they’d rather avoid.

But who are we to turn down an opportunity to show our loved ones how much we care?  We’ve got a few tips to help you enjoy this Valentine’s day whether you’re spending the day with friends, with a partner, or on your own.

Pick up some flowers!
February can be rather dreary. The rain, the cold, it gets dark early… What better way to spruce up an office desk or your coffee table than to order some beautiful flowers? Whether from a local florist or your go-to-market, flowers never fail to make every day feel extraordinary. 

Take them to someone special or treat yourself. And don’t feel you need to run with the pack and buy red roses. Sometimes picking the unexpected blooms brings the most joy. We called up the floral gurus at Juniper Flowers in Fremont for these lovelies and they have been sending smiles around the office all week.

Let your love leave you light-headed, not alcohol.
Champagne is the expected form of bubbles for Valentine’s Day, but there’s no reason it should be the only bubbly option on the menu. Our DRY sparkling bubbles are great alternatives if you’ve extended DRY January into Fresh Up February or if you’re having a romantic date night with your partner. 

Our very own CEO Sharelle Kalus sat down with Dr. Pepper Schwartz to talk about why zero-proof romance is always a better experience. Check out their chat here and then mix up this perfectly romantic zero-proof cocktail.

Blood Orange Elderflower DRY Cordial

Appreciate your relationships. Romantic and otherwise.
So, it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re single. That’s ok! Take this opportunity to appreciate your friends or family. Send them a Valentine. We mean a real Valentine in the mail; you know with an envelope and a stamp.  Life is too short to only get bills in the mail.

One of the most overlooked relationships in our lives is the relationship we have with our selves. If you’re on your own take the opportunity to treat yourself to a delivered dinner from your favorite place and a new pair of pajamas. Sometimes a night in spoiling yourself is just as rewarding as a night out on the town.

If you’re like most of us, it takes a three-day group text conversation, the stars aligning and a bit of pixie dust to get all of our friends together on the same day. All that work ends up being totally worth it because a night with your gal-pals can be the perfect way to perk up the spirits.

Replace Chocolate with sorbet!
Ok, ok, hear us out. We love chocolate, but we hate doing the expected and ordinary. If you are treating yourself or someone special to something sweet, why not try a sorbet float!? It’s light and refreshing and totally customizable to your favorite tastes. 

Maybe you love strawberry sorbet and Vanilla DRY Sparkling or a coconut sorbet and Blood Orange DRY Sparkling. You can’t go wrong! Check out our favorite float recipe below. If you still are craving chocolate we can help with that too! Check out our Galentine’s day essentials here.

Berry Sorbet Float
If you love a classic float, we’ve got a twist for you! Instead of ice-cream, our float is made with berry sorbet and topped with DRY Sparkling for a bright (and bubbly!) finish. 

Bonus: DRY Sparkling sodas are full of flavor but contain just four ingredients and about 60% less sugar than traditional sodas – making this float nice and light.


6  oz. DRY Sparkling in your favorite flavor

3-5 oz. berry sorbet

Fresh berries for garnish


Grab your favorite flavor of DRY Sparkling soda and pour it over the berry sorbet, then garnish with fresh berries and you’ve got one of the prettiest and simplest mocktails around.

We hope we’ve inspired you to embrace Valentine’s day regardless of your relationship status. Are you planning a party or get together? Show us how you made these recipes your own by tagging us in your Instagram posts with @DRYSoda and use the hashtag #drybotanicalbubbly.

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