10 Tips for Surviving Dry January

Happy DRY January! As our namesake might suggest, we’re so excited to celebrate this month of sober celebration.

January is a month of resolutions. We’ve all done it – January 1st rolls around and we set lofty health and fitness goals for the brand new year. We also know that resolutions often come with sacrifice, making January feel, well – a little less fun. This got us thinking – why should we remove the fun? Why can’t we celebrate adding new experiences to our lives this month, instead of taking them away? What if our resolution was to add some celebration?

Challenge accepted. Because we all need some motivation to keep on track, here are our top 10 tips for surviving DRY January.

Look – we get it. January is the month after the holidays. Cue the holiday blues! And in most parts of the country, it’s a cold (maybe even snowy!) month. But this DRY January, we are challenging you to pause your movie marathon, zip up your warmest coat, and get out of the house. Cabin fever is not on the menu this month.

DRY January typically means cutting out alcohol for the whole month, but if that seems overwhelming, set goals you know you can manage. Try limiting alcohol to weekends instead of weekdays, or challenge yourself to gradually cut back throughout the month. The goal isn’t to feel overwhelmed, but to challenge yourself to change up your routine.

Maybe this is your first DRY January, or maybe you’re no stranger to month-long (or longer!) challenges. If this is your first time trying it out, congratulate yourself for trying something new. Seriously! Switching things up is no easy task. Keep an open mind about what you might experience, or how you might feel, once you cut out alcohol.

As our CEO Sharelle Klaus said recently, “The reason I like DRY January so much is, it is so powerful to see how you can feel when you actually cut it all out.”

Set yourself up for success and grab a friend! Accountability is much easier when you have a support team, even if it’s just one person. Encourage each other to keep it up by making some delicious zero-proof drinks together. We have so many delicious (and easy!) recipes for you to try. How about a Zero-Proof Ginger Lime Mule? If Blood Orange is more your thing, try this amazing Bitter Bella using Grenadine and Blood Orange DRY.

Whether you’re throwing the party or you’re heading out of the house, bring a non-alcoholic option that’s new, interesting, and fun to share with others. Sharing something new with friends is a great conversation starter. Don’t stress about planning a big ordeal for a get-together. When you BYOB, it’s less about what you’re doing, and more about what you’re bringing with you.

Keep this tip in mind beyond January! BYOB applies to gatherings all year – Super Bowl parties included.

Use this challenge as an excuse to meet up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Reconnecting (yes, in person!) with some face-to-face time (no, not FaceTime) is good for the soul.

If you can’t reconnect in person (shout out to those long distance friendships!) send a voice memo over text. Let them know you’re thinking of them, and just wanted to pop in to say you miss them. Voice memos are an easy way to let your loved ones hear your voice, which brings all the warm and fuzzies to someone who hasn’t heard from you in a while.

If you’re used to connecting and catching up with friends over a drink, get creative and try a new activity. Head out for a scenic hike, a visit to the local zoo or aquarium (it’s not just for kids!) or try cooking a delicious brunch together. Try pairing your favorite brunch foods with our zero-proof mimosa.

In the midst of the post-holiday blues, it’s easy to sink into the couch and skip the party. But maybe there is no party! When January feels like it has 71 instead of 31 days, live by this motto: If there is no party, be the party. Invite friends over for a ’90s movie marathon, make some delicious seasoned popcorn (have you tried rosemary sea salt?! Thank us later) paired with some Lavender DRY and make memories.

Even if you aren’t completely sober this month, remember to add options for those who are. Check out our tips for how to be a better host. We’re here to put an end to boring zero-proof options, and make sure you’re ready to host your next gathering with delicious options for everyone.

Head to the bar, or your favorite restaurant, and enjoy pairing your food with a delicious zero-proof cocktail. If you don’t see one on the menu, just ask!

Seattle mixologist Jermaine Whitehead, Bar Lead at Seattle’s popular Il Nido restaurant, suggests telling the bartender what you’re looking for – something sweet, something sour, something bitter? Make sure to tell the bartender what flavors you like, and what you don’t like.

If you’re local to Seattle, we’re making it even easier: we’ve teamed up with 25 Seattle bars and restaurants that are serving zero-proof cocktails all month! Check out The Stranger’s EverOut Calendar for all the delicious details!

Not in Seattle? We challenge you to ask your bartender to kick it up a notch!

At DRY, we believe that everyone has a million and one reasons to celebrate, big and small. Drying your January doesn’t mean being a no-show at parties. RSVP YES! The last thing you should do in DRY January is cut out the fun stuff. Go to the concert, the birthday party, even the bar! Experience social events without the alcohol and feel totally present and connected.

“If you never change up your habits, whatever they are, you don’t really know how they affect you,” Dr. Pepper Schwartz told us in a recent chat with our CEO. “Part of it is asking people to have the courage and the self-consciousness to make a change and see how it feels.”

At the end of the month, take a moment to reflect on how you felt this month. Did you crush your goals, or is there anything you’d do differently next time? Be kind to yourself, celebrate the small wins, and don’t give up. If DRY January gave you more clarity and authentic connection, make a plan for how you can add more zero-proof moments into your life.


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