How Fuji Apple Became the Apple of DRY's Eye!

I love apples.  Apples are always on my kitchen counter –except maybe in the depths of summer. There are so many ways to enjoy an apple, whether sliced up with slabs of cheddar, dipped in crunchy peanut butter, or baked into a piping hot apple pie. But the best way to enjoy? Grab a cold one and munch away. The worst part about apples is how good they are! My new dog Santiago is also obsessed with apples and now I am forced to share bites with him... He’s a pretty funny pup!

DRY Fuji Apple

Based on my love of apples, it came as no surprise that one of my ideas for a DRY flavor was apple.  When I think of new flavors for DRY, I get a bit romantic.  I think of all the things that the flavor and aroma evoke and how I want a flavor to make me feel.  I was excited to create a flavor that would remind me of fall in my beloved Pacific Northwest, the home of so many apple orchards.  I love memories of the delicious apple pies that my mother-in-law makes so expertly, spiced apple cider after we carve our pumpkins – a definite favorite tradition for my kids--and Martinelli’s on the Thanksgiving table.

Getting to the right apple flavor was so much fun to work on as there are a vast amount of incredible apple varieties here in Washington state. My first task was to taste all the apples from the farmer’s market because I knew I wanted a local variety.  After a near overdose of apples, we as a team landed on Fuji apple.  The species was first developed in Japan (hence the name) and began growing on farms in the Yakima and Wenatchee regions of Washington in the 80s. Fuji apples are known for being crisp and very juicy with a sweetness that tastes to me like freshly pressed apple juice.

DRY Fall Sangria

Fuji Apple DRY is the flavor I drink the most.  My favorite way to drink it is cold straight out of the bottle, but we also have created some fun ways to mix it up.  So try some of recipes and be sure to grab some bottles to pair with your favorite fall meals.  My favorite pairing: butternut squash soup and a cold bottle of Fuji Apple DRY!


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