• The Sober Curator's Sober October Roundup

    The Sober Curator's Sober October Roundup

    Fall is in full swing here at DRY and can we just say we couldn't be happier! Sober October started off with a bang, some non-alcoholic bubbles, and a whole lot of exciting partnerships. Our Sans Bar Where You Are event brought together some of the leaders of the most exciting and cutting edge non-alcoholic beverage companies for a panel discussion about how zero...
  • Not Your Basic PSL

    Not Your Basic PSL

    It's fall y'all and you know what that means... Bring on the Pumpkin Spice Lattes! We're taking the #PSL from basic to bold! We are completely unashamed of our love of a little pumpkin spice. Given the year we've all had let's just all agree that a little spice can really make life a lot more comforting. We mixed it up a little and...
  • Drinking Well For Sober October

    Drinking Well For Sober October

    Who says cutting out alcohol means giving up the fun? Enjoying non-alcoholic cocktails has never been easier and we have the recipes that will have you enjoying NA drinking on the regular! If you purchased our Sober October Starter Kit you got all the fixings for two fantastic mocktails to get you through the month with ease! If you didn't, there are still some...
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