Celebrate National Apple Month with Fuji Apple DRY Sparkling

October is National Apple Month! This celebration started back in 1904, so it has been a favorite for years… 113 years, to be exact. Here at DRY Sparkling, we fully support any tradition that encourages us to honor one of our flavors for an entire month. So, we rounded up a few fun apple facts to read through, preferably while you sip on a crisp bottle of Fuji Apple DRY Sparkling.

1. Fuji Apple DRY Sparkling was inspired by our home state’s massive apple harvest. Washington grows more apples than any other US state and Fuji Apples make up 13% of our annual crop.

2. Fuji Apple DRY Sparkling’s flavor makes for easy food pairings. Fruity, yet elegant, it is lovely with classic dishes like fried chicken or grilled cheese. It’s also great alongside a warm cinnamon roll, a bowl of smooth vanilla ice cream or with a spicy muffuletta. For additional food pairings ideas, check out our Pinterest board!

3. Apples are part of the rose family, otherwise known as Rosaceae (Rose-ay-see-eye).

4. Fuji Apple DRY Sparkling won Beverage Industry’s Best New Product of 2016! This poll-based award had users vote for their favorite beverages of 2016 and Fuji Apple DRY had 36% of the vote. We are so honored to have won this tremendous award.

5. Nearly all apples are picked by hand! This avoids bruising, maintains quality and helps minimize waste.

6. Apples range in size from a little larger than a cherry to bigger than a grapefruit. The largest apple ever picked weighed about three pounds.

You know what they say, a Fuji Apple DRY Sparkling a day keeps the boring away. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a 4-pack of Fuji Apple DRY Sparkling and celebrate National Apple Month with us! And don’t forget to tag your photos using #FujiAppleDRY so we can follow along.


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