Why We're DRY - A Note From Our Founder & CEO, Sharelle Klaus

Welcome to DRY July, one of my favorite months – it helps that it is my birthday month! I do love to celebrate and in July ALL my celebrations happen outside – be it celebrating nature with a hike by myself or celebrating the weather with pool parties and BBQ!  Celebration is one of the reasons I started DRY.  I wanted to create a beautiful and unique nonalcoholic beverage that was worthy of any celebration. (Four pregnancies in ten years definitely got me yearning for better non-alcoholic options!)


While I enjoy a lovely cocktail or glass of wine, I have found that taking breaks from alcohol has really added so much to both my physical and mental health.  Another great benefit – the ability to be totally present and to connect at all of my celebrations.  I love the idea of DRY July, where you can take a break and see how you feel.  Or you can even have what we call a DRIER July and just cut back a bit.


This summer feels like a real summer (not dissing on last summer but…) and so we at DRY are so excited to get outside and get back to all of our favorite summer activities.  For me hiking and camping are my number ones.  And second to that is outdoor dining.  I find that in the summer every single meal is eaten outside and when I can add friends to that, it is perfect.  I do like to add in a new activity each summer and this year, I am going to pick my golf game back up.  Back in the day, I was a pretty decent golfer, so looking forward to getting back and see if I can sink a few.  I am confident that if I bring along our new DRY Botanical Bitters and Soda onto the course, my game will definitely improve!



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