Get Outside for DRY July - Hikes and Sips


As we kick off DRY July we have a renewed need to get outside in the sun and fresh air, and do something good for our bodies. We're pairing some of our favorite hikes with our amazing and portable DRY Botanical Bubbly cans, perfect or a celebratory toast at the end of a hard hike or for a toast with your sweetie in a beautiful place.

Pacific Northwest Wonderland

Most of you know we're based in the amazing Pacific Northwest. Can we just tell you the hashtag #PNWwonderland is no joke! It's a hiker’s WONDERLAND! Whether you're a novice and just like a quick day hike to get some fresh air, or a highly advanced, backpacking, REI (shoutout to another awesome Seattle company) fanatic, we have some great suggestions for hikes this DRY July!

And did we mention we are categorizing them based on our favorite flavors? If you are taking your bubbly with you on a hike (anywhere in the country!) snap an Instagram picture and tag us! You might just see your picture featured on our feed and win more DRY to take on your adventures.

Leave No Trace

As always, we want to remind everyone to treat our phenomenal trail system and State and National Parks system with respect. Please leave it better than you found it, have a healthy respect for Mother Nature and the wildlife, and always pack out what you pack in.

What’s Your Flavor?

Cucumber - Chill, Woodland, Green and Lush
These hikes are classic Western Washington. Beautiful with lush green moss, trees and fern, lots of canopy cover for those hot days we do sometimes get, and a super chill vibe. 
Hoh Rainforest Hall of Moss
Hoh Rainforest Hall Of Moss, Olympic National Park 

Twin Falls Trail - 2.5 Miles | 636 ft Elevation | Out & Back

If you're looking for a quick walk more than a hike that's perfect when you just want to chill, this is it! Twin Falls Trail features a waterfall, river access from most of the trail and beautiful woodland views. Dip your feet in the cold river and sip on a can of Botanical Bubbly. It's sure to put you in the summer mood. 

Cape Alava Trail - 6.9 Miles | 580 ft Elevation | Out & Back 

This trail ends at the beach. That's really all we need to say right? No? Well let's say this too... Primarily used for day hiking and a popular trail for backpackers looking to wake up to a gorgeous sunrise over the beach. Sunsets more your thing? It's the perfect hike for that too! Pack your bubbly and watch the sun go down! 

Hoh Rainforest Hall of Moss - 1.1 Miles | 78 ft Elevation | Loop

 Did you know that Washington has a rainforest? That's right, the Hoh Rainforest Hall of Moss is something you won't see many other places in the world. An easy hike with little to no elevation, if you're looking for the a lush green wonderland this is it! 

Ginger - Hard, Uphill, Mountainous and Challenging 
Feeling super sassy? These hikes are for you. You've got to love an elevation gain to do these hikes and there's no better time than DRY July when your body is rested and ready to go. These hikes are best for experienced adventurers. 
Blanca Lake Washington
Blanca Lake 

Blanca Lake - 7.0 Miles | 3,372 ft Elevation | Out and Back

Been watching Instagram Reels lately? You might have seen this beautiful lake! It's vibrant aqua waters and surrounding wildflowers, capped with snow cause this hike to be a huge draw for locals and visitors alike. Best used from June through October be aware that there might be snow in the summer at this elevation. 

Lake Constance - 14.5 Miles | 4,898 ft Elevation | Out & Back

Largely considered one of the hardest hikes in Washington, Lake Constance is for our sassy, ginger loving adventurers. Bright, clean, turquoise waters and a waterfall cap this hike meant for only the most experienced adventurers. We can't think of a better way to celebrate making it up almost 5,000 feet of elevation than a nice toast with our ginger bubbly.

Hamilton Mountain and Rodney Falls  - 8.1 Miles | 2,286 ft Elevation | Loop

 Located in southwestern Washington this hike is great for meeting friends from Portland or spending the weekend there when you're done. This is considered a great challenging hike featuring a waterfall, beautiful river scenes and blankets of wild flowers! Pack your trekking polls and your determination! Completing this hike definitely calls for a toast at the end! 


Vanilla - Rich Woodlands, Lakes, Rivers and Waterfalls 
Sometimes an adventure just needs to culminate in the sounds of leaves rustling and water running. Each of these hikes have stunning views of water awaiting you. Get to the end, take a rest, and pop open that can of lush vanilla bubbly and enjoy the view.
Wallace Falls, Washington
Wallace Falls Trail, Wallace Falls State Park


Lake 22 - 5.8 Miles | 1,473 ft Elevation | Loop

Lake 22 is one of the most talked about hikes amongst PNW hikers. This hike is rocky, but the trek is totally worth it as it stretches through an old growth forest. When you reach the top, the view of the alpine lake is worth every rocky slip and slide on the way up. 

Wallace Falls - 5.0 Miles | 1,482 ft Elevation | Out and Back

Do you like waterfalls? Yeah, us too! Give Wallace Falls a shot! It's a trek but the near constant views of the waterfall is so worth it! Take your time, your trekking poles and your vanilla bubbly (and water of course) and enjoy the sounds of this pure form of natural beauty. 

Goat Lake - 10.5 Miles | 1,722 ft Elevation | Loop

We're so lucky to have so many amazing lakes in this area and Goat Lake is no exception! This is a great challenging hike with the reward of a jewel like lake at the end. Enjoy the views, take a rest, or spend the night if you're a backpacker, and simply absorb the beauty!


Rainier Cherry - Sweet, Easy, Romantic Views and Instagram-able

Looking for a quick date idea that is just primed for a cute selfie at the end? These are our picks for some great hikes that aren't too hard and are scream for a picnic and a toast with something sweet.

Ebey's Landing Hike, Washington (Photo by Kira Bottles)
 Ebey's Landing, Whidbey Island, Washington

Cherry Creek Falls Trail - Duvall - 4.9 Miles | 597 ft Elevation | Out & Back

Looking for a really quick day trip from Seattle or Bellevue? Head out to the farmlands and forests of Duvall! Pack your bubbly, your sweetie and a camera. This is a great romantic hike! 

Ebey's Landing - 5.2 Miles | 377 ft Elevation | Loop

If ocean views set your heart a flutter this is the hike for you!  This short hike has panoramic views from Whidbey Island and is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy the sun. When you get halfway through the loop take a seat on a piece of driftwood and relax in the sun. It's the perfect place for a quick selfie and a sip of bubbly. 

Sol Duc Falls Nature Trail - 1.6 Miles | 255 ft Elevation | Out & Back

If you just need to get away for a bit, pack a picnic and give this trail a try. Sol Duc Falls Nature trail features a lake and a quick hike to many great spots to stop for a quick snack or to listen to the water and trees. You probably won't break a sweat but it's satisfying all the same! 



Planning on bringing your bubbly on a hike? Show us! Show us by tagging @DRYsoda in your Instagram Stories and use the hashtag #DRYBotanicalBubbly and we may feature your image on our feed and win more DRY to take on your adventures!


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