Get Outside for DRY July - Bike Rides and Bubbly

We're continuing our theme of get outside for DRY July with biking! Maybe hiking into the woods, worrying about bears and mountain lions isn't your thing. We get it! Maybe it's time to get that bike out of storage and pack up for a picnic. We're all for it. 

We've collected some of the best bike paths and trails in our area, long and short, all worthy of a summer picnic. As a bonus we have paired them with beverage and picnic pairings that will work for trips wherever you are! 

Planning a bike and bubbly adventure this DRY July? Show us! 

If you are taking your bubbly with you on ride (anywhere in the country!) snap an Instagram picture and tag us! You might just see your picture featured on our feed and win more DRY to take on your adventures.

As always, we want to remind everyone to treat our amazing trail system and State and National Parks system with respect. Please leave it better than you found it, have a healthy respect for Mother Nature and the wildlife, and always pack out what you bring in.


Cucumber - Sammamish River Trail 11.0 Miles end to end 

This bike path is fully paved and conveniently runs from downtown Bothell to Redmond's Marymoore Park. There are several great stopping points along the way including picnic benches, soccer and baseball fields, parks and the Woodinville Hollywood District. If you stop in the Hollywood district check out Vivi Pizza or The Commons. If you are looking to pack your own lunch to take along we'd suggest pairing your Cucumber Bubbly with a delicious Lemon Orzo Pasta! 


Vanilla - Preston-Snoqualmie Trail 6.9 Miles end to end

 This mostly paved trail is great for all skill levels. If wildflowers and greenery is your thing you will love this biking trail. You will need to pack your picnic in advance as this is a more rural bike path but it will be well worth the effort. We suggest stopping in Issaquah and grabbing a few snacks on your way or pre-packing something like your Vanilla Bubbly and a Caprese salad, some hummus and flat bread for an awesome picnic in the woods. 


Ginger - Burke-Gillman Trail 19.0 + miles end to end 

Possibly the most popular and heavily traveled bike path in the Seattle Metro Area, the Burke-Gillman Trail runs from the Eastside of Seattle all the way to Golden Gardens Park. Running along Lake Washington and past the University of Washington campus there are a multitude of great spots to stop for a picnic. Grab your Ginger Bubbly and take a quick stop in many of the neighborhoods along the way to grab lunch. If packing your picnic is more your thing we suggest whipping up a cold noodle salad with spicy peanut sauce and veggies like this one from the New York Times.

Rainier Cherry - Bill Chipman Palouse Trail 7.1

Did you know that Rainier Cherries were developed in 1952 at Washington State University by Harold Fogle, and named after Mount Rainier?

We knew with this quintessential flavor we needed to include a bike ride around the place the fruit was created.

Cougs out there will be familiar with this bike path stretching from the Washington State University campus in beautiful Pullman, across state lines and into Idaho. Might we suggest a picnic including some of the best snacks around? Stop at Ferdinand's on campus or a local store and pick up some Cougar Gold Cheese, crackers and various charcuterie! If you don't want to pack your own check out the Foundry Kitchen & Cocktails. If you're doing the full trail, stop at the Moscow, Idaho Farmers Market and grab some fresh fruit too! 


Planning on bringing your bubbly on a bike ride? Show us! 

Show us by tagging @DRYsoda in your Instagram Stories and use the hashtag #DRYBotanicalBubbly and we may feature your image on our feed and win more DRY to take on your adventures!

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