Sit and Sip – Some of Our Favorite Outdoor Dining Around Seattle

The joke around here is that summer officially starts on July 5th. If you are a born and bred Seattleite this is part of your being. So given that it’s august and officially summer, although we could argue that happened with our heatwave a few weeks back, we thought it was time to share a few of the amazing spots in town where you can get a ridiculously good meal and a drink outdoors.


Terra Plata


Terra Plata – Often described as earth to table dining, Terra Plata is focused on sourcing from producers who focus on sustainable and organic farming.  This window lined restaurant offers a gasp worthy menu of food and cocktails (check out the menu ahead of time and ask the bartender to get creative if you want a mocktail) also features an Instagram worthy roof top deck for those who either want to enjoy the sun or just feel more comfortable in the open air.

Our suggested order

Starter – Roasted grapes, olives & walnuts.

Sides – Roasted purple cauliflower and roasted baby carrots

Entrée – Muscovy duck breast

Dessert – Valrhona chocolate-hazelnut “silk”

Sips – while there aren’t any zero-proof cocktails on the online menu, with the creativity showcased in their regular cocktail menu we’re sure their amazing bartenders can come up with something divine! Tell them what flavors you like and let them get mixing.



How to Cook A Wolf

How to Cook a Wolf, Queen Anne – We’re hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love Italian food and How to Cook a Wolf, will appeal to ALL levels of Italian food lovers. Described as uncomplicated and rustic with an ever-changing menu of Italian inspired small plates and crafty cocktails, this restaurant features outdoor seating they’re dubbed WolfDens and if that alone doesn’t make you want to make a reservation… our picks off the menu will.

Our suggested order

Starter – Sea Wolf Sourdough, Marinated Castelvetrano Olives, and Burrata

Sides – Charred Broccoli

Entrée – Strozzaperti or Sockeye Salmon

Dessert – Semolina Cake  

Sips- Ask for a suggestion based on your order




Stoneburner – If you’re over in the Ballard neighborhood Stoneburner is a must! Pacific Northwest meets Mediterranean is maybe the best way to describe this delectable food. Chef Jason Stoneburner focuses on seasonal and local ingredients that come from sustainable farmers and producers. The interior of the restaurant is slightly dark, woody, and moody but it sings when the PNW summer sunlight shines in the wide-open windows. If indoor seating isn’t your thing, they do have lovely outdoor dining to accompany your fare.

Our suggested order

Starter – Crispy Olives, Grilled King Trumpet Mushroom, Garlic Bread

Sides – Steph’s Heirloom Tomatoes, Snap Peas

Entrée – Black Chitara, Radiatori, Sungolds Pizza

Dessert – Dark Chocolate Budino  

Sips- While the cocktail menu isn’t online, we suggest asking their incredibly talented bartenders for a suggestion. Be prepared to tell them what kind of flavors you like and maybe what you’ll be pairing it with.



Amaro Bistro

Amaro Bistro – If you are more of an Eastside dweller you can’t go wrong with a little patio time at Amaro in downtown Bothell. A quick jaunt from Woodinville and even reachable on bike only a few blocks from the Burke Gillman and Sammamish River bike trail, you won’t regret the trip. The classically Italian menu is perfect to explore in every season with friends but is extra delectable on the sunny sidewalk patio. You will find to die for gems in every section of this menu.

Our suggested order

Starter – Bruxelles Fritto and Arancini

Sides – Barbabietola  

Entrée – Ginocchi, Carbonara, Filetto di Manzo or any of the specials

Dessert – Tiramisu, Torta Cioccolato   

Sips- The cocktail menu is an ever-changing thing here. Check out the seasonal menu and ask for an NA version of the ones you find interesting.


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