Zero-Proof Cocktails For a Festive Fourth

The Fourth of July is right around the corner and we are ready for some patio time in the sun and a barbeque or two! 

If you are hosting or attending a get together this Independence Day might we suggest offering or bringing a zero-proof option? A well made craft mocktail is a great way to include those who sober, temporarily not imbibing for health reasons, or are choosing to be the designated driver! TREAT THEM! 

We have a few suggestions for great recipes that scream summer and are easy enough to make for a busy party. 

What's the Fourth Without a Firecracker

Whether it's a popsicle or a firework we can't imaging the Fourth of July without a Firecracker! We still love the classic red, white, and blue popsicle but we've prefer a little kick to our alternative. 


 1 oz. lime juice

 1 sugar cube

 Jalapeño slices to taste

 Kosher salt

 Cubed fresh   watermelon

 8 oz. DRY   Watermelon Botanical Bubbly

 Lime wheel

 Mix lime juice, sugar cube   and jalapeño in a shaker,   and let the cube dissolve.   Add ice and shake until cold   Rim glass with salt, add   watermelon cubes, and pour the shaker mixture into the glass. Top with DRY Watermelon Botanical Bubbly. Garnish with a lime wheel.

That's One Festive Fine-apple! 

We can suggest recipes to beat the heat without including a great pineapple recipe. A little sweet, a little tart, and so refreshing, we are sticking with the spicy theme and making one of our summer staple mocktails! 

DRY Pineapple Chili Limeade 

 Lime wedge

 Kosher salt, sugar, and chili   powder for rim

 3–4 large fresh pineapple  chunks

 1 oz. lime juice

 1 oz. Mango Habañero syrup   by Portland Syrups

 Dash of chili powder

 DRY Pineapple Botanical   Bubbly, chilled

 Dried chile de árbol for garnish   Lime wheel for garnish

 Mix equal parts salt, sugar and   chili powder. Run a slice of lime around the edge of a lowball glass and dip into the salt-sugar-chili powder mixture. Blend or muddle the fresh pineapple chunks, lime juice, and chili powder until smooth. Pour the entire mixture into the rimmed glass. Top with chilled DRY Pineapple Botanical Bubbly and garnish with a lime wheel and a dried chili. 

A River Float, A Lake Float, and an Ice Cream Float

Here in the Pacific Northwest we have a joke... that summer starts on July 5th. Inevitably the hot weather sets in after the fourth. This time however, we're going to be in the hundreds the week before! So if you want a quick, easy, and cool way to indulge for the fourth we have you covered! 

Float On

Float On

 1–2 scoops ice cream or sorbet

 Club soda or DRY Botanical   Bubbly

 Mint or rosemary for garnish

 In your favorite fancy glass,   scoop one or two scoops of ice   cream or sorbet and top with   either club soda or a flavored   bubbly beverage.

 We know this sounds like a   dessert, but hear us out: Many   cocktails are made with   muddled fruit, simple syrup,   ice, or cream, so really there   isn’t much of a difference   between that and making a   really sophisticated float into a   beautiful cocktail. 


A few of our favorite combos:

1 scoop mango sorbet topped with club soda and a dash of orange bitters.

1 scoop coconut sorbet topped with club soda and fresh mint or rosemary.

1 scoop mint chocolate chip ice cream topped with DRY Vanilla Botanical Bubbly.

1 scoop mint or coconut sorbet topped with DRY Lavender Botanical Bubbly and fresh mint.


Planning on bringing bubbly to your party? Show us! 

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