Netflix and Sip: Episode 3

From the king of Madison Avenue to the king of tigers; we’re back with our third episode of our limited series, Netflix & Sip.
This time around we’re talking about two shows that couldn’t be more different. As far as aesthetic they are planets apart, the storylines couldn’t be more different, but they have one very important thing in common… They both took a stranglehold on the cultural zeitgeist when they premiered.

A Stroll Down Madison Avenue

In 2007 the crew at Sterling Cooper quietly started taking over TV, by 2008 they were quiet no more. Mad Men explored the competitive world of Madison Avenue advertising and the complexities of the workplace and home life of its characters in the mid-twentieth century. As the show continued, it became hard to deny it started a movement.

The mid-century modern design of the sets and clothing launched a renewal in the search for the perfect mid-mod piece, but it started another revolution. A cocktail revolution.

Suddenly, the classic drinks of the mid-century were fashionable for a whole new demographic. Martini shakers in the mid-mod style were everywhere and variations on the first drink we see Don Draper order, the Old Fashioned, were popping up on menus everywhere.

So, we are blending old and new. We created a zero-proof cocktail inspired by one of the most striking Mad Men characters, Joan. The Joanie is the perfect zero-proof addition to a mid-century party or virtual cocktail hour. Beautiful, surprising, and above all, recognizable by its lovely red hue.

The Joanie

In a pint glass or shaker tin muddle 2 maraschino cherries, add lemon juice, a splash of the maraschino syrup, and add ice and shake until very cold.

Strain the shaker into a chilled martini glass. Place one cherry in the bottom of the glass. Top with chilled DRY Vanilla Botanical Bubbly.

Add a lemon twist for that extra Joan-like zing.

Even Cool Cats and Kittens Need A Mocktail

Ok, ok, you knew we couldn’t do a series about Netflix shows without including the one, the only, the show that launched a thousand memes, Tiger King.

Where do we even begin…

Earlier this year we started to hear all this talk about some guy called Joe Exotic and some woman named Carol Baskin. Then came the memes and the friends telling us we “HAD TO WATCH THIS SHOW”, because it was a wild ride. So we sat down and watched what we thought, at first, was a show about the people who collected and bred big cats. Wow were we wrong!

From big cat breeding and smuggling, living and work situations more akin to cults than anything else, more fringe and bedazzling than we’ve seen in a long while, and oh did we mention a murder and potential murder for hire?! Hold on we need to sit down because we’re already a little tired…

Now don’t get us wrong, the show does bring up a lot of ethical questions regarding breeding these exotic animals, and beyond that letting them be handled by the public and being kept as pets. Probably questions we should be asking, but two episodes in and we’ve swerved into Mr. Exotic’s wild ride and we’re still trying to figure out what happened.

We recommend taking the wild ride for yourself to see where it leads because honestly, we aren’t emotionally ready to revisit it. We do however have the perfect beverage to bring along! Enter, “Sweet Tea to Die For”. Yes, we have a very dark sense of humor.

Sweet Tea to Die For

In a shaker add two slices of either peach or nectarine, add crushed ice, and muddle.

Fill the shaker half-way with sweet tea and shake until mixed.

Dump into a tall glass and add more ice if needed. Top with chilled DRY Blood Orange Botanical Bubbly.

Garnish with a lemon wedge and fruit slices.

Even in this crazy world, there are a few things we know with certainty… Sweet tea is delicious, Netflix has the whole marketing thing down pat, and Carol Baskin totally killed her husband.

In the words of Netflix… Are you still watching? We hope so! Tune in for our next few episodes in this limited series where we have some newer favorites coming up. Planning on making these at home? Show us by tagging us in your Instagram posts @DRYSoda and using the hashtag #DRYBotanicalBubbly

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