Netflix and Sip: Episode 2

We’re back with our second episode of our limited series, Netflix & Sip.

We know you must be well-caffeinated enough from our first episode for another series binge-watch or two. We’ve covered breakfast and brunch… now we’re heading on to the perfect shows to watch while you’re on the Houseparty app with your friends.

Does being cooped up in the house during quarantine have you dreaming of faraway lands, mysterious disappearances, or supernatural forces? Us too and honestly, we would settle for a nice long trip to wander the aisles of Target at this point. So, sit down, get comfy, and prepare for Netflix adventure.

Wrap Me In Tartan and Call Me Sassenach
Our first afternoon binge-watching adventure calls for a cool drink to balance out one hot Scot.

We wouldn’t recommend running at any ancient stone structures. Besides the fact that it would hurt, you’re not likely to have the luck of finding Sam Heughan on the other side. Umm, but if you do, can you send us a text?

Outlander started out with a bestselling book series and as soon as the tv series hit the airwaves the world had a new favorite couple. Claire and Jamie’s adventures through the foggy Scottish Highlands are the things that romance novels are made of, and this gorgeous zero-proof cocktail is just as swoon-worthy! With notes of rosemary and lavender, this is a far easier way to transport yourself to the beautiful Scottish Isles from the comfort of your couch.

Highlands Fraser Fog
In yarai or pint glass add two good squirts of Reddi Wip. Smack two sprigs of rosemary and add the leaves to the yarai. Add ice and top yarai with Lavender DRY Botanical Bubbly.

Stir quickly for a bit to chill and strain into a chilled coupe or martini glass.

Garnish with a couple of leaves of rosemary floating on top.

Maybe you’re on a romance-lite diet these days and a good mystery and some paranormal activity is all you need. Pull-on your 80’s puffer jacket and get ready for one wild ride!

The Strangest Things Happen in Small Towns

On one hand, most of us remember the days of staying out with our friends until the streetlights came on. On the other hand, most of us didn’t run into secret government agencies conducting an investigation into supernatural happenings.

Stranger Things quickly developed a cult-like following when it debuted on Netflix. From the light wall being turned into. gifs, to grown adults dressing up in a pink dress to mimic 11 it’s hard to escape the show’s grip on pop culture. So we’re popping a few bottles of our favorite bubbly beverage open and creating our own version of a parallel universe in a glass. However, ours is a far more hospitable place.

The Upside Down

Lightly muddle a couple of blackberries in a shaker or pint glass, add a squirt of Reddi Wip, cranberry juice, and squeeze of a lemon slice. Add ice and shake.

Pour into a tall glass and top with Blood Orange DRY Botanical Bubbly.

In the words of Netflix… Are you still watching? We hope so! Tune in for our next few episodes in this limited series where we have some newer favorites coming up. Planning on making these at home? Show us by tagging us in your Instagram posts @DRYSoda and using the hashtag #DRYBotanicalBubbly


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