An Open Letter to Moms This Mother's Day and a Mom-osa or Two.

Dear Moms,
Happy Mother’s Day!

We’d like to tell you how much you mean to us, we’d like to tell you how much we care...

But what we’d really like to tell you is, we see you.

To the mom working long days, only to come home to sleepless nights.

We see you.

To the mom going without to make sure her kids have everything she can give.

We see you.

To the mom balancing a job, maybe even two, or running a business, and coming home to do homework with her kids.

We see you.

To the stay-at-home mom who just needs a minute to herself.

We see you.

To the mom who is maybe not thriving, but giving it all she’s got.

We see you.

To the mom who is being celebrated today, but who is missing her own mother.

We see you.

To the mom who’s got peanut butter stains on the couch, but is giggling with her kids on the floor.

We see you.

To the mom who kisses the cuts and scrapes.

We see you.

To the mom who doesn't know that her kids think she's Wonder Woman.

We see you.

We hope your kids are treating you like the amazing person you are! Maybe they're treating you to a Mom-osa or two. Even the little ones can help make one of these three zero-proof treats made especially for you.

The Classic DRY Mom-osa
Want to make it extra special. Add a fancy rim of lavender buds! To start, rim the glass with a small amount of honey then dip into dried lavender buds. These can be found in most bulk, organic spice sections of the grocery store.

The Blood Orange Mom-osa
Make it extra special with a zesty sugar rim. Run an orange slice around the rim of the glass and dip into sugar mixed with the zest of an orange.

The Tropical Mom-osa
Add some flair by dipping a slice of pineapple into a little sugar and orange zest.

Spending the day making DRY Mom-osas with your mom? Tag us in a selfie of you, your mom, and your mom-osas! Even if it's a FaceTime or Zoom selfie!

Find us on Instagram. @Drysoda and use the hashtag #DRYBotanicalBubbly.

Shop all of our flavors here.

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