DRY Quarantine Bingo

Is it just us, or is everyone looking for ways to stay entertained while we’re staying at home also?

We’ve been working from home for the last two weeks and being the social group that we are, we’ve been laughing about the WFH truths that have been emerging from this experience.

Truths About The WFH Life
Have your pets video bombed a zoom meeting? Honestly, we can’t even be mad about it! Pets are the winners in this whole thing.

Anyone else trying on their jeans every few days because you just know that your leggings are lying to you and everything is NOT alright in the kingdom?  Us too.

Anyone go through their quarantine snacks a little faster than you care to admit? No? Just us…

If you giggled at any of the above questions, we hope you’ll have fun with what we’re about to share with you.

Welcome to DRY Quarantine Bingo!

We recommend pairing this with a delicious mocktail and playing with your friends over FaceTime or Zoom! Save the image above and print to play.

We’ll have an Instagram Stories version of this for you too. Check our highlights and screenshot it to put in your stories and challenge your friends. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @drysoda and use the hashtag #DRYBotanicalBubbly.


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