Netflix and Sip: Episode 1

People talk about comfort food all the time. The things we bake and cook and make that are helping us through being at home in quarantine.

Apparently, all the bread bakers have come out of the woodwork and have bought up all the flour and yeast. Now don’t get us wrong, there are days when living our best lives looks like laying in a pile of warm laundry and eating a loaf of warm, homemade bread.

But we have another comfort with far fewer carbs… our favorite Netflix shows.

We polled our office to see what everyone is bingeing these days and the list really had something for everyone!

So we’d like to welcome you to the first episode of “Netflix & Sip”! Where we pair craft zero-proof cocktails and our favorite shows.

Gilmore Girls
First up is our favorite fast talking, well caffeinated, mother/daughter duo!

Gilmore Girls burst on to the scene in the early aughts and took the TV universe by storm. For the first time young girls were introduced to character who was more interested in getting into college than just getting the guy. Perhaps more surprising was she was best friends with her mother in a time when most of us were still fighting with ours.

We’re pairing this show with a zero-proof cocktail that would make Sookie proud, would utterly disgust Luke with its decadent nature, and we’re sure Lorelai and Rory would easily consume during the first half of movie night before downing a pizza.

But I’m A Gilmore!
In a bowl combine the espresso powder, sugar and hot water. Use a milk frother, or blender ball cup and whisk until it has reached a stiff mousse consistency.

In a highball glass (or your Luke’s mug) place ice, milk, and DRY Vanilla Botanical Bubbly. Top with the whipped coffee mixture and add a dollop of ready whip and a cute straw.

Parks and Rec

Maybe political satire and breakfast food is a little more your speed? Perky mid-level beuracrat Leslie Knope, has the can-do attitude to get through any struggle and we can’t help but wonder how she would do quarantined to her house. We have a feeling there would be a lot of breakfast food and smiles. Come on, you know Ms. Knope would be the perfect zoom meeting guest with a blazer close by to throw on over her brightly colored PJs.

So whip up those waffles and get ready for a breakfast time favorite that we know is the perfect Parks and Rec pairing.

The Leslie Knope-body Doesn’t Like A Bloody Mary

Rim glass by dipping the edge in a little maple syrup. Mix together kosher salt and bacon bits then dip the maple syrup rimmed glass into the mixture.

In shaker or pint glass add cilantro, bloody mix and Tabasco to taste, add ice and shake.  Pour into rimmed glass and top with cucumber dry soda.

*Garnish with lime wedge, celery stock, pickle as desired.

In the words of Netflix… Are you still watching? We hope so! Tune in for our next few episodes in this limited series where we have some newer favorites coming up. Planning on making these at home? Show us by tagging us in your Instagram posts @DRYSoda and using the hashtag #DRYBotanicalBubbly


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