The Sanderson Sisters and Sips

Three Hocus Pocus themed mocktails to enjoy with your Halloween weekend.
We have fully embraced fall and one of our favorite things about this beautifully crisp season is, of course, Halloween! Most of us are keeping it low key this year, without parties and re-imagining how to celebrate our spookiest holiday.

Even if you're staying in with movies and popcorn we know just the thing to turn a low key day into a festive fête! These non-alcoholic cocktails are inspired by a classic Halloween flick, but could easily be paired with the Halloween movie of your choice.

Hocus Pocus is streaming just about everywhere right now and if like us, you are planning on celebrating Halloween tomorrow by staying in and relaxing, we've got you covered from dawn, till spooky, spooky dusk.

We think even the temperamental and hard to please, Winifred Sanderson would love these. Just light all candles with caution!

Another Glorious Morning Mimosa
2 OZ. Fresh squeezed and strained blood orange juice

.5 OZ. Luxardo Cherry Syrup

5 OZ. DRY Ginger Botanical Bubbly, chilled.

Luxardo Cherry for garnish

In a champagne flute pour chilled DRY Ginger Bubbly. Over the back of a bar spoon pour in the Freshly squeezed and strained blood orange juice. Let the juice settle into the bubbly. Over the back of a bar spoon gently pour the Luxardo Cherry syrup into the mixture allowing it to settle into the bottom of the glass. Garnish with a Luxardo cherry on a cocktail pick. If you want to get super festive use a small sheet of edible gold leaf to decorate the cherry.

Sanderson Sister Sangria

1/4 cup chopped apples

2 tbsp fresh pomegranate seeds

2 oz pomegranate juice

2 oz apple cider

.5 oz orange juice

4 oz DRY Fuji Apple Botanical Bubbly, Chilled

Orange twist for garnish

In a large glass mix pomegranate juice, orange juice, apple cider, and DRY Fuji Apple Bubbly. Top with chopped apples and pomegranate seeds and garnish with an orange twist.

Hocus Pocus Punch

1/4 cup Frozen Mixed Berries

.5 oz Lemon Juice

.5 oz Orange Juice

1 oz NA Gin

1 Cinnamon stick

2 Star Anise pods

3 oz Butterfly Pea Flower Tea (steep in one cup of hot water with cinnamon stick and star anise pods until very strong and cooled)

3 oz DRY Cranberry Botanical Bubbly

In a cocktail shaker add mixed berries, lemon juice, orange juice, NA gin, and tea. Muddle gently until combine but not pulverized. Strain into a tall glass and top with DRY Cranberry Bubbly.

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