Introducing Fuji Apple DRY Sparkling

Meet the latest addition to the DRY line: Fuji Apple DRY Sparkling. Crisp and fruity, this new flavor is quickly becoming a favorite among DRY enthusiasts!

“We are thrilled to offer Fuji Apple DRY to our consumers!” says CEO and Founder, Sharelle Klaus. “Fuji apples have been one of my favorite fruits since before I can remember. It’s so exciting to literally, bottle their delicious flavor. Fuji Apple DRY Sparkling is so refreshing – much lighter and more elegant tasting than the heavy, sugary ciders and other apple drinks on the market. Much more like the apple itself! It is great straight out of the bottle, but it also pairs well with so many of my favorite meals – not to mention, the mocktail possibilities are endless.”

We love drinking DRY right out of the bottle, or better yet in a champagne flute when the occasion is right. We also love pairing DRY alongside a delicious meal, (like you would your favorite wine), or mixing it into a mocktail. So let’s get to sipping, pairing and mixing Fuji Apple DRY!

The flavor notes in Fuji Apple DRY make for easy pairing. Fruity, yet elegant, it is lovely with classic dishes like pork chops or grilled cheese. It’s also great alongside a spicy muffuletta, a bowl of smooth vanilla ice cream or plate of your favorite, crunchy, fried chicken. For additional food pairings ideas, check out our Pinterest board!

We like to say, “A Fuji Apple DRY a day keeps the boring away.” So what are you waiting for? Fuji Apple DRY Bubbly is now available in stores nationwide, including Target. If you find it, please let us know by tagging a post or image with #FujiAppleDRY! You might just score some new DRY Bubbly fall gear to pair with the changing seasons 😉


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