DRY Sparkling’s New Limited Edition Variety 12-packs

As they say, “variety is the spice of life,” and we couldn’t agree more. Although some of our fans are dedicated to a favorite DRY Sparkling flavor, we know many of you enjoy trying all the DRY you can get your hands on. So we created new 12-bottle variety packs, allowing you to stock-up on some old faves and hopefully try something new, too!

These cases are available in two versions: the “Crisp Refreshing” summer variety pack, and the “Make Every Occasion Sparkle” variety pack.

“We know people everywhere are increasingly moving away from traditional soda and looking for beverages that have less sugar and simple ingredients – but still taste delicious,” stated Sharelle Klaus, DRY’s founder and CEO. “DRY checks every box, and our new 12-packs make it easier than ever to get a variety of DRY Sparkling flavors for all those spring and summer get-togethers.”

DRY Sparkling 12-pack variety cases are available at select Costco stores across their Texas, San Diego (Southwest) and Midwest divisions for a limited time only. For specific stocking locations, visit our store locator, enter your city or zip code, and select “DRY Sparkling Summer Variety Pack” or “DRY Sparkling Entertaining Variety Pack” when prompted. If you aren’t near one of the regions above, rest assured we are working with additional retail partners to offer these packages in more locations very soon!


The DRY Sparkling Team

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