Introducing DRY Drinks For Dogs

We’re excited to share some big news today* – your favorite dogs are now invited to join you in drinking fabulous beverages from DRY! Our newest line, DRY Drinks For Dogs, gives everyone the chance to be included at your next party, including your pups. The DRY office is full of dog lovers, and after seeing so much innovation in the dog food space, we saw a serious need for a better beverage for our furry friends.

Sharelle Klaus, DRY’s CEO and Founder is the proud owner of a German Shepard, Lennox. “I love my dog, and like so many other pet owners out there, I truly want the best for him. When it comes to beverages, there is literally no selection. I was motivated by the opportunity to provide a drink for dogs of all kinds, and that’s what led us to develop DRY Drinks for Dogs,” she stated.

What do you expect your dog to pair with a great meal? To serve to his or her friends during social situations? What do you give him or her after they pass puppy school? After he or she learns a new trick? Plain water for dogs is so 2018. DRY Drinks for Dogs are perfect for any occasion! Its especially popular among forwarding-thinking, thoughtful hosts and their canine counterparts.

Check out a few of our new fans below! These dogs had the chance to try our newest line, in temporary packaging, before it hit stores.

Ludo, a mutt from Washington, is the older brother to Simcoe (below) and often needs a break from the annoyances of his younger sibling. His preferred way to chill out is with a Lavender DRY for Dogs, especially when his parents are away at work. He also loves showing off his bear and playing in the snow.

Simcoe is a rescue mutt from Mexico. He’s a bit of a show off and enjoys walking around on his hind legs, showing off his floofy hair as it blows in the wind, and forever bothering his older brother, Ludo. His favorite flavors of DRY Drinks for Dogs are Apple and Vanilla, which he likes to sip at the public park whenever he has a chance to visit.

Beau is just two years old, but he’s often the trend setter in his pack. He loves playing keep-away, but also enjoys a good yoga session, as shown via his downward dog pose pictured above. He’s fresh and cool, just like is favorite flavor of DRY Drinks for Dogs – Cucumber.

Misty is one of the fanciest black labs we’ve ever encountered. She lives in the foodie mecca of Seattle and only allows the best of the best to pass her lips. She especially enjoys Lavender DRY for Dogs because of its exquisite flavor and aroma, especially when she’s relaxing by the fire.

Kingston lives in laid back San Diego, CA and prefers his DRY Drink For Dogs in a can so he can take it on the go! He’s full of energy and loves exploring new territory. He’s known for being highly social and always up to travel where ever his adventurous spirit might lead him.

Martin is a 10 year-old black lab mix. He’s described as a “the fancy one in the group,” and naturally enjoys his Ginger DRY Drink For Dogs from a Martini glass. Martin lives his best life when he’s on the beach, and he especially loves drinking a refreshing DRY Drink for Dogs after a good oceanside waggle.

We hope you are excited about our new line, which launches at all major pet stores immediately! Please let us know if you have a dog that might be interested in DRY Drinks for Dogs. We just might feature him or her on social media.

*Part of this post is true, part of it is an April Fools Day joke. The true part is that the DRY team members really are somewhat obsessed with their dogs. The pups in these photos are all owned by our employees. The joke is that we are not launching a drink for dogs. Not yet, at least…!

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