DRY Sparkling Pairings for National Snack Food Month

It’s February, which means National Snack Food Month is upon us! What could be better than dedicating an entire month to snacks? Answer: Upleveling your snack game by pairing DRY with your favorite sweet, salty and savory bites.

As you may know, DRY was originally created to pair with food. Since 2005, each of our flavors have had their own tasting notes and profiles, meaning there’s a DRY flavor to pair with just about any dish out there. The whole idea behind pairing is that the food and beverage taste better together than they do alone. So we encourage you to put on that Jack Johnson song and start pairing! We’ve outlined just a few of our favorite DRY+snack combinations below.

Lavender DRY has a delicate and balanced flavor that brings elegance to both simple and culinary snacks. Cheese courses, chocolate and cheddar potato chips are three great pairings to enjoy with a bottle of Lavender DRY. We also recommend anything with herbal undertones or foods with a light taste that won’t overpower the softness of Lavender DRY.

With a crisp yet flavor-forward taste, you’ll want to pair Cucumber DRY with bold flavors. We love grabbing spicy jalapeno chips or wasabi snack mix when we are on the go, or treating ourselves to a bowl of tart sorbet or a Cucumber DRY float in the warmer months. It’s also great alongside fruit or light snacks like pita chips with hummus or baba ghanoush.

Rainier Cherry DRY is what your movie nights have been missing. You can go classic with a bowl of popcorn, healthy with a fruit and nut bar, savory with BBQ chips, or sweet with your favorite dark chocolate (we love Theo). Rainier Cherry DRY’s full taste can stand up to bolder flavors, so it’s also delicious with smoked salmon, spicy beef jerky or a complex snack mix.

If you are a salt lover, Blood Orange DRY should be your go-to beverage for pairing. The tangy, bright and fruity notes of Blood Orange DRY will refresh your pallet with every sip. Some of our favorite pairings include kettle cooked chips, sunflower seeds and olives. It’s also great with savory snack bars like Kind or Epic and balances nicely with raw almonds or even sweet potato fries.

The smooth and aromatic notes of Vanilla Bean DRY will invigorate your palate with a touch of sweetness, creating perhaps the most effortless pairing experience. You can go salty with salt and vinegar chips, savory with honey roasted nuts, or sweet with your favorite chocolate. It’s also delicious with complex desserts, a variety of popcorn flavors or a cheese plate.

Spicy and bold, Ginger DRY is everything you never knew your snacks needed. We love it next to Swiss cheese on multi-grain crackers, dried apple chips or rice cracker snack mix. To kick things up, try it with your favorite spicy snack like sriracha peanuts or with something sweet like toffee or snickerdoodle cookies.

Hopefully you now find yourself sufficiently prepared to snack all month! We’d love to hear about the pairings you find that shine the brightest. Shoot us an email at info@drysparkling.com or hashtag your social media photos with #DRYSparkling so we can see all of your favorites!


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