10 Things to Know About DRY’s Summer Seasonal Flavors

Summer is coming, and with it, two new seasonal flavors from DRY: Malali Watermelon and Serrano Pepper! Below, we’ve pulled together a few key insights about these limited edition flavors.

1. Malali Watermelon DRY Sparkling beautifully captures the natural essence of delicious watermelons. This DRY Sparkling flavor is juicy and slightly sweet, just like the nostalgic taste you’ve come to expect from this quintessential summer fruit. Taking your first sip is like biting into a cool, fresh wedge of watermelon (sans seeds, of course).

2. Serrano Pepper DRY Sparkling is well rounded, with a touch of that Serrano heat, but also a light sweetness and a savory finish. We were so thrilled to develop not just a spicy beverage, but one that actually brings the flavor of the pepper into play. This complexity makes for a refreshing and truly unique taste experience.

3. We chose the colors for each flavor very intentionally. A bright, but rich pink for Malali Watermelon and a bold, beautiful (but slightly serious) green for Serrano Pepper. We wanted them to be juxtaposed, just like the flavors… and we think they’re reeeeeeeal pretty!

4. Both flavors are incredible when paired with food. If you’re having a BBQ, you’ll definitely want to pick up both Malali Watermelon and Serrano Pepper DRY. Malali Watermelon’s nostalgic taste is especially great alongside grilled shrimp, lobster rolls (see above image from Nantucket Island’s The Club Car), kebabs, lamb and potato salad. When pairing foods with Serrano Pepper DRY, you’ll want bold flavors that can stand up to its savory and bright notes, such as Cuban sandwiches, brisket, tamales or flank steak.

5. Both flavors are great in cocktails – they can even be mixed together to make one extra fabulous cocktail (Spicy Watermelon Margarita, anyone?). We love the cool and juicy flavors of Malali Watermelon DRY with gin, tequila, vodka or champagne. And it’s never too late to join the spicy cocktail trend! Try adding Serrano Pepper DRY to your tequila, vodka or gin cocktails for a delicious kick.

6. There’s no cooler trend than watermelon this summer! Nordstrom has a whole collection devoted to this fruit, plus there are greeting cards, outfits, pool toys and endless entertainment items that make this flavor stand out this summer.

7. The spice level of each Serrano Pepper DRY Sparkling bottle varies slightly, as different batches of peppers produce inconsistent levels of capsaicin, which is what makes spice spicy.

8. Malali Watermelons are small, round watermelons known for their sweet, ruby-colored flesh. This watermelon varietal is just one of the 1200 that are grown worldwide.

9. Serrano Pepper DRY is a bit cloudy due to the pepper emulsion we use for the flavor – in other words, it’s cloudy ‘cause it’s REAL.

10. We only made one batch of each, so both Malali Watermelon and Serrano Pepper DRY will just be available at select retailers during the summer months. For a list of where they can be found, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Now quick – get to the store to grab your 4-packs before these flavors are gone! Because, when that 90+ degree weather hits, you will need these to help keep you sane, cool and hydrated. Can’t you just picture yourself sitting on a beach with one of these exclusive bottles of DRY in you hand?

When you find it, let us know! Share your photos using the hashtag #WatermelonDRY or #SerranoDRY so we can be part of your fun.



Malali Watermelon DRY and Serrano Pepper DRY are available at the following stores. Offerings may vary by specific location.

Bartell Drugs Bayview Thriftway Bianchini’s C E LoveJoy’s Cal-Mart Super Chuck’s Produce Diebergs* Draeger’s Super Markets Eatzi’s* Fairway Market* Falleteti’s Foods Foodland Fred Meyer Giant Eagle Haggen – Washington Key Markets Kowalski’s Kroger – Dallas Region Kroger – Houston Region Lunardi’s Lund’s Marczyk’s – Denver* Market of Choice Metropolitan Market Newport Avenue Market Oceana Market PCC QFC Raley’s Red Apple Rosauers Safeway – Washington Safeway – Oregon Thriftway Treasure Island* Total Wine & More – Washington Town & Country Market Vincente Foods Zupan’s

*Malali Watermelon only

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