Announcing DRY Botanical Bubbly!

Hello from DRY Soda HQ!

Exciting changes have been happening here at HQ over the last few months and we’re finally ready to tell you all about it! This week we are unveiling our rebrand as DRY Botanical Bubbly and a fresh new look for our entire product range.

This latest move was made to better communicate our mission to elevate non-alcoholic options for everyone and improve how those who choose not to drink alcohol are served and hosted. Our new colorful, fruit-inspired packaging features bright watercolor paintings created by esteemed artist Catalina Estrada, and will begin rolling out on shelves and online in May.

Filling a Need in The Market and At The Bar
“I created DRY 15 years ago as a mom struggling to find a sophisticated non-alcoholic drink that I could sip solo and pair with meals that gave me the same celebratory feeling as a cocktail or glass of wine,” said Sharelle Klaus, our founder and CEO. “My vision of the future is that when you walk into a bar or restaurant and order a drink, you’re asked whether or not you want alcohol in it. And if you’re not drinking, your choice shouldn’t be between just alcohol or traditional soda. We’re filling a void in the category and addressing a huge need for something different with a unique, booze-free beverage that’s in its own class. ‘DRY Botanical Bubbly’ and our bright, fun new packaging is meant to bring us back to our roots as a botanical occasion drink that’s in a category all on its own.”

An Instagram Worthy Makeover
Our exciting new packaging is designed to make any moment festive, and features an array of bright colors that pop on and off store shelves and pay tribute to the flavor profiles of each of our beverage (e.g. green for Cucumber, purple for Lavender, pink for Watermelon, etc.).

Each of our bottles, slim cans, and 750 ML celebration bottles are adorned with watercolor paintings that honor the real fruit, herb and spice ingredients, including sliced watermelon and cucumber, lavender sprigs, pineapples and more.

Each four-pack box and 12- count case depicts a cheeky phrase that rethinks celebrating life’s small, everyday moments to encourage our consumer to make a party wherever they go. Phrases include “Here’s to surviving traffic,” “Here’s to fancy pizza night,” “Here’s to partly sunny, not mostly cloudy,” and more to showcase the variety of entertaining occasions that DRY is perfect for – from day-to-day experiences to full-fledged celebrations and parties.

At Heart We’re Still The Same Soda You Know and Love
Our packaging may be getting a makeover but deep down we’re still the same bubbly beverage you know and love. Our eight culinary-inspired flavors like Lavender, Ginger, Vanilla, Fuji Apple and Cucumber, DRY Botanical Bubbly is still crafted with just four ingredients and is inspired by the real flavors of fruit, herbs and spices. Easy to sip solo or mix into a zero-proof cocktail, all of our flavors remain Non-GMO Project Verified, caffeine-free, gluten-free, OU Kosher and sodium-free, with only 45-70 calories per 12-ounce serving and about half the sugar and calories of sodas and juices.

Our new packaging will be hitting shelves over the next few months! Tell us when you see our colorful new cans and bottles and tag us on Instagram at @DRYsoda and use #DRYBotanicalBubbly.

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