Summer’s Easiest Drink

We all know there’s nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than a chilled, crisp beverage. With DRY, all it takes is a twist of a bottle or crack of a can and you are all a set to sip and enjoy. It truly is summer’s easiest drink!

With flavors like lavender, cucumber, vanilla, and fuji apple there’s an option for every summer occasion – from kickin’ it in the backyard, pool time with the family, boat trips with friends, to late-night picnics. Add a simple garnish like a slice of watermelon or a cucumber and people just may think you have a secret life as a mixologist.

Not only is DRY Sparking unbelievably easy to prepare (and even easier to love), it’s also easy on your body! Each flavor has only four ingredients and about half the sugar of traditional sodas. Made with balanced botanical flavors, DRY Sparkling is the perfect lightly sweet and non-alcoholic summer treat.

DRY is summer’s go-to for on-the-go activities or refrigerator stock-piles alike. So spend your summer kicking back with friends and family, not trying to craft the perfect drink.

Let us handle that part!

Regardless of which DRY you try next… relax and enjoy!

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