Mama Needs a Drink

You’re pregnant! Yeah! Cheers ring out, you’re glowing and hugs abound. Friends and family raise a glass to you… and that’s when the realization sets in. This moment marks 9 months with no alcohol. Your internal panic starts. Did you just become less fun? Would you no longer be the first call for happy hour? What happens on vacation without drinks by the pool?

When DRY’s founder Sharelle Klaus was pregnant she decided she wasn’t going to let a lack of wine or cocktails stop her from being the life of the party or having a great beverage.

And from there, DRY was born.

With flavors like cucumber, watermelon, fuji apple, lavender and of course, ginger (hello first trimester), moms-to-be can enjoy a bright and flavorful beverage no matter the occasion. Whether served solo or in a festive mocktail, these botanical bubblies are simple and unexpectedly palate pleasing.

So mamas, don’t ever miss an excuse to party, celebrate or raise a glass. This is your time to shine. Belly up to the bar, hang with the girls around the kitchen island, or cozy up on the couch with your favorite flavor. With DRY you can have ALL of the fun, without any of the alcohol.

Here’s to you and nine months of no booze!

PS: to the friends, moms, sisters or other connections of the mama to be… call her up for happy hour. Order her a DRY and chat it up. Heck even host a celebration with one of our limited edition Celebration Bottles.

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