DRY Sparkling Pairings for the New Food Emojis

This is an important one, folks. As the new* emojis inevitably put tacos, hot dogs, burritos, cheese wedges, popcorn and “bottle with popping cork” on your mind more often, we figure you’ll need to know how best to pair them. Specifically, which DRY Sparkling flavors are their ideal complements. So here we go:

We suggest: Rainier Cherry DRY or Blood Orange DRY

We suggest: Vanilla Bean DRY or Cucumber DRY

We suggest: Lavender DRY or Vanilla Bean DRY

We suggest: Lavender DRY or Rainier Cherry DRY

Ok, now that your most important pairing questions of 2015 are answered, you can rest easy. Enjoy your weekend, your new emojis and your DRY.


* We’d also like to give a shout out to the new Unicorn. It just may be our spirit animal.

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