About.com Gives DRY a 5 Star Review

We love all that glitters… including stars. The ones DRY was recently given by About.com are no exception! We were honored when they recently published a very through review of each DRY flavors, adding up to a five star rating. That’s right – A full hand. An Abe Lincoln. Five, as in, “It’s five o’clock somewhere.” You might say we’re a bit proud.

Their piece, entitled, “Explore the Fresh Taste of DRY Sparkling Sodas” describes our line as, “Refreshing, Natural Sodas for Creating Unique Cocktails.” The piece dives into detail about each DRY variety, then reveals our new Reserve Edition flavor, which will be available in August, 2015.

Rather than read us rant and rave about a review (that seems a bit redundant, eh?), have a look for yourself via the link above.


The DRY Sparkling Team

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