• Smoke and Mirrors

    Smoke and Mirrors

    Smoke and Mirrors By Jermaine Whitehead   3 oz. of chilled Harney and Sons Smoke Black tea * 1 oz. Lemon juice .75 oz. Simple syrup Dry Ginger Soda Add tea, lemon juice and simple syrup into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake hard for 15 seconds. Strain into a lowball glass filled with ice. Top with ginger soda. Garnish with lemon peel. Sidebar:...
  • Firecracker


    Firecracker 1 sugar cube 1 oz. Lime Juice Cubed fresh watermelon Jalapeno slices 8 oz DRY Watermelon Botanical Bubbly Lime wheel for garnish In a cocktail shaker mix lime juice, sugar cube, and jalapeno. Let the sugar cube dissolve. Add ice and shake until cold. Rim a Collins glass with lime juice then dip into kosher salt. Pour the shaker mixture into a glass...
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