• Berry Juniper Fizz

    Berry Juniper Fizz

    Berry Juniper Fizz 1 oz. juniper syrup 1 oz NA Gin (optional) 2 oz Pomegranate Juice .5 oz orange juice DRY Cranberry Botanical Bubbly In a cocktail shaker add ice, juniper syrup, NA Gin, pomegranate juice, and orange juice. Shake until cold and frothy. Strain into a coupe and top with DRY Cranberry Botanical Bubbly. Garnish with an orange peel and fresh cranberries.  ...
  • Cucumber Basil Collins

    Cucumber Basil Collins

    Cucumber Basil Collins 2 oz. lime juice 2–3 dashes bitters (optional) Basil leaves 6 oz. DRY Cucumber Botanical Bubbly In a shaker mix lime juice, bitters and torn basil leaves. Add ice. Shake until cold and the basil is bruised. Pour DRY Cucumber Botanical Bubbly over ice into a Collins glass, then add the lime and basil mix. Garnish with a lime wheel, basil...
  • Simple DRY Paloma

    Simple DRY Paloma

      Glass: Collins or Highball .5 oz Lime Juice 1 oz Grapefruit Juice 6 oz DRY Blood Orange Botanical Bubbly Kosher Salt Lime wheel In a cocktail shaker, combine lime and grapefruit juice with ice and shake until cold. Rim a Collins or Highball glass with kosher salt and add ice. Strain juice mixture into the glass and top with DRY Blood Orange Botanical...
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