DRY Lavender Botanical Bubbly Gets a New Look!

We've been keeping a secret! 

For the last year we have been working on something that you've been asking for for ages.  

Well after a long year in development, it's finally here! DRY Lavender Botanical Bubbly in a can! 

DRY Lavender Botanical Bubbly Can

How DRY Lavender Started To Bloom

We talked to our Founder and CEO, Sharelle, about how the idea of a lavender sparkling beverage came about. 

"I really wanted to do a lavender as it was my favorite plant.  In my yard, I had mostly lavender plants and when I was hanging out there with the kids one afternoon I was thinking about how amazing I thought that flavor could be.  This was the flavor I was most excited about trying as no one was doing lavender with food or beverage at that time.  I had a vision of it being this really soft and comforting flavor, I could taste it in my mind. 

At first I tried steam extracting lavender from my plants in my kitchen and that did not work so well.  I then was able to get several different flavor companies to provide me with their steam extractions and I set to work.  I did over a 1000 tests trying to get that flavor that I could taste in my mind.  And it was horrible!  They were tasting either medicinal or really floral.  It was the most frustrating experience. 

But finally I honed in on the right extract and worked to get the sweetness, acidity and ph balance correct.  And bingo! One day it tasted just like I had imagined. 

To this day Lavender is still my favorite as it tastes exactly how I dreamed.  I am immensely proud of all the work and how it eventually turned out!"

 Another first for Lavender

You can now order our beloved Lavender in cans! Get ready to meet your new cupholder co-pilot, hiking beverage buddy, and craft mocktail mixer. 

Click here to order! 

Planning on trying ordering some Lavender cans? Show us! 

Show us by tagging @DRYsoda in your Instagram Stories and use the hashtag #DRYBotanicalBubbly or #DRYBotanicalBittersandSoda


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