Romantic Mocktails for a Memorable Valentine's Day

Whether you are celebrating Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day, or Palentine's Day (If your pal is your trusty fur baby we cheers to that as well!) we have a perfect evening of zero-proof cocktails and pairings to try as well as some unique gift ideas that will be sure to give you the warm fuzzies.


Valentine's Day... the day of chocolate, champagne, and roses! Doesn't that seem a little stale? We're taking a different approach to Valentine's Day this year and making it about genuine connection. Don't get us wrong, we love the idea of showering your loved ones with affection and gifts, but after the last year where most of us have been craving real connection, we think there are some really fun ways to up our Valentine's day game.


Get in the kitchen together!


Good working relationships take a lot of communication and so does working as a team in the kitchen. Even if you don't like to cook an elaborate meal, the time spent together in the kitchen making something you both will enjoy is important! It can be fun, a little messy, and you might even learn new things about your partner's tastes you didn't know before. So our first idea is something you can easily whip up even if you aren't a great cook.


Who doesn't love a great charcuterie board? We certainly don't know anyone who doesn't, but we've switched it up a little bit to be a choc-cuterie board. That's right! The perfect dessert to pair with your Valentine's Day Mocktails. We know it might seem a little odd to pair cheese with chocolate but trust us it's ridiculously tasty and oh so pretty.



Valentine's Day Mocktails

Things you'll need

- A pretty board to arrange your cheese on.

- A selection of different chocolates.

- A selection of different cheeses

- A selection of fruits like strawberries or figs. Apples work well too!

- Your favorite mocktail


For two people, three selections of cheese and chocolate each will work nicely with a selection of fruit. When all pulled together this makes a great dessert or light dinner.


We added homemade chocolate-dipped strawberries and figs to this mix for a little something extra special.

 We partnered with our friends at Seattle-based Theo Chocolate for our board. Their unique flavors and gourmet chocolate made for a fun afternoon of taste testing and honestly... we could eat more!
Valentine's day chocolate and cheese pairing

We paired Theo Valentine's Day Caramels, with flavors like Lavender Jalapeno Milk Chocolate and Honey Saffron Milk Chocolate with a smoked gouda. The unique spicy and creamy flavors are unique but very palate-pleasing.


We paired the Theo Salted Black Licorice with Queso Iberico (a cow's, sheep's, and goat's milk cheese). The cheese is slightly nutty and mildly salty which pairs well with the herbaceous nature of the licorice chocolate.


We paired Coeur de Brie and Theo Raspberry Cocoa Nib. Raspberry and Brie is a classic pairing. The sharp raspberry and the soft creamy brie is out of this world.


Romantic Zero-Proof Cocktails for pairing


Now that we have the noshes sorted out it's time for the drinks! If champagne isn't your thing, these three zero-proof cocktails will appeal to just about everyone.

Zero-Proof Blushing Bee's Knees

Vanilla Stout Fizz


- Gruvi Non-Alcoholic Stout

- DRY Vanilla Botanical Bubbly


Fill a glass two thirds full with Gruvi Non-Alcoholic Stout and fill the last third with DRY Vanilla Botanical Bubbly. If you want to add a little heat sprinkle in a tiny pinch of chipotle powder.


Tropical Love Potion

*Makes 2 drinks


- 1 fresh passion fruit

- 2 oz. pineapple juice

- 2 oz. NA Gin

- DRY Vanilla Botanical Bubbly


In a cocktail shaker add ice, the pulp of one passion fruit, pineapple juice, and NA gin. Shake until combine. About 10 seconds. Strain the contents into two champagne flutes and top with DRY Vanilla Botanical Bubbly.


Thoughtful gifts for your loved ones

If adding a non-edible gift to your Valentine's Day is something you are looking to do we have a few suggestions there too!


Check out The Adventure Challenge. These beautifully bound books include 50 scratch-off date ideas and a place to paste in a photo. Their philosophy? Unplug and connect! They also make a family and friends edition too!


If photographic memories are the way to your heart, check out The Skylight Frame. This is no ordinary digital frame. Use the app to send your favorite photos and videos to the frame in seconds. Add captions, and messages and have a rotating album of your memories for years to come.


If you are sending your Valentine's something from far away, check out Hummingbird and Holly's beautiful gift boxes! Their Valentine's Day Cheer's boxes are beautifully packaged with all sorts of lovely goodies.


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